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Help us build the best site for PenPals from all over the world! NO Romance! NO Dating! Friends ONLY! Learn about other languages and cultures with books from Amazon.

Make New Pen Friends in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Basics What is a language exchange? Why do a language exchange? How to do a language exchange? Sign up now - add your free profile! Find a language exchange partner who has:. Welcome Guest! Sign up. Add to Home screen. A language exchange with a pen pal from Sri Lanka is an excellent way to make a friend from Sri Lanka, learn about its culture and improve your foreign language skills. This type of exchange is suitable for langauge learners of all skill levels, even beginners.

Because you have a common goal to help each other penpals from sri lanka while discussing common interests, you are likely to make meaningful penplas.

Compared to live conversation, here is less pressure, because you can take your time to use a dictionary or refer to your lessons at a time of your convenience. It is also a great way to improve your writing, reading and grammar skills. The Basics. What is a language exchange? Penpals Features. Members with inactive or invalid email accounts are flagged. And If you sent a message that is returned, you will be notified.

You won't waste your time waiting for a reply! Don't have an international keyboard? No problem - insert foreign accented characters with a simple click! Click here to try now. Search by many criteria including age, gender, city, country and languages. Find the penpal you want quickly! Use free how-to guidelines provided by an expert in language exchange learning.

Get the best learning experience from penpals from sri lanka penpal Isuru July 3, Sri Lanka. Hi everyone. I am 25 years old male student from Sri Lanka. Although I am willing to learn japanese, France and Russian languages, I really like to have friends from other countries too.

I am interesting in foreign countries and their culture. I'm a Native Sinhalese speaker, looking for a language penpals from sri lanka read article to practice conversation in English.

Hello dear friends! I'm Kal from Sri Lanka. I most fro nature, animals, music and painting. And always I respect and appreciate great humanity.

StillI'm the beginning level at English. So I need to improve it. Especially my English spea I'm deepashika. From srilanka and goverment nursing officer I want to migrate europian country and also want to improve English knowledge. Madushi July 2, I really want to improve pnepals English knowledge more. Return I can teach you Sinhalese. Vimanshi July 2, I would like to penpzls my English and also would like to learn tamil as well. Gami July 2, I lanak looking for a person who can teach me Korean, I am planning to move to Korea for work experience.

I am nisal. Yasey June 30, I'm planning to migrate Australia by end of the year. So I'm looking for a partner to talk ssri. Neville June 30, I like to help penpals from sri lanka to improve English. Im an project consultant in Colombo. I hope to go to abroad in the future. Nadee June 26, I love to learn spoken Tamil! Even Though I can write and read Tamil but really worry about lack of vocabulary to speak in Tamil! Can anybody help me to improve Tamil speaking!

I am not a golden member. So, can i have you contacts. Thank you! As english is a international language i am interested to improve it. I,m suminda. Chinese, Mandarin. I'm check this out Sri Lankan girl,who is fond of learning mandarin chinese learning. And i would like to find new penpals from sri lanka friends and to know interesting things about china. Further,i was born in Kandy.

Currently I'm following the higher national diploma Ish June 25, Hello I am Ish. Penoals love music and enjoy watching films and reading.

I did Maths. Love to share about country and culture etc. City Tip: use language versions of the city name. Search for Rome and for Roma.

From: To:. Save this search as:. You made my dream come true. As featured in Internet Life Magazine. Member Testimonials. Thank you for setting it all up. Thank you for everything. Continuer votre beau travail. I think it's a great idea! Read the full testimonials. Featuring languages, including

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Sri Lanka's pen pals site! Free penpals service for Sri Lanka people meet at aPenpals. Sri Lanka has many members just like you seeking online friends. Looking for new friends at Sri Lanka penpals website is easy. Sign up today and find many local and international pen pals in Sri Lanka. Find Penpals in Sri lanka.

Member login Username or email Password Remember me? Forgot password? Latest visitors. Let other know about you. Write a few sentences about you and what type of penpals you are think, us online dating sites charming for.

Do you agree with our Terms of use I agree I donot agree. View profile. Rana Online now! I would like to associate with new people around the world. Love to travel and sharing other cultures and lifestyles. From colombo. My parents are alive. Hi everybody i am Priyantha, i am from Srilanka. I need a Italian friend who can be trustworthy, helpful and understanding.

And of course I am this. I like to come to Italy and seek advice from a friend. I like listening to music, watching movies though I'm working most of the day. I don't like rough and tough, just a kind friend would do. I am male 54 years old. I wish to know cultures in other countries. I wish to correspond educated e mail pen pals. My e mail address : pererah yahoo. Happy to being here I love reading books,hiking,riding,walking and I want to being penpals from sri lanka always I hope to be best friend to u.

Hi, I'm a 22 years old girl. My One and only hope to study abroad, So I'm here to get a help from any penfriend wessex fm dating support me with my hope.

So any job opportuniā€¦. I am 23 years old. Looking for a pen pal to share everything. I am single. I like to meet new friends from different countries. Like playing computer games and reading books. No matter color religion race or occupation. All are welcome to have a good company. Fun loving, very religious, multi talent person with great human qualities. Looking for pals who are interest on music, travelling, philosophy, culture, history, sports, religion, pets etc.

I'm 46 Male. Due to my busy life i would lie to meet a woman who can talk about any thing and everything in life openly. I also like to listen to her and to share our life secrets with each other. I don't mind if she is married or single. I'm marriedā€¦. Hi, im firaz, from srilanka, im 30 years old, looking to have friends from all over the world through emails.

Sri Lanka pen pals: aPenpals. Join Sri Lanka penpals site to meet beautiful women and men in Sri lanka. Many online pen pals in Sri penpals from sri lanka are waiting to meet you online.

Making pen friends in Sri lanka at our service is completely free. This is one of the free Sri Lanka pen pal sites that can help you meet a new friend. Search, find and interact with free pen pals in Sri lanka today. Invite friends Penpals from sri lanka us Terms of service Copyright aPenpals.

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Sign up for our free monthly Email News I like reading, traveling and interested in world affairs. I am engaged in Accounts related job. I am married and have two sons. I'm 21 y. I would source to have pen friends from all over the world I like taking photos, reading, writing letters, volunteering, travelling, listening to music, doing sports, meeting new people.

I am a divorcee living alone in Sri Lanka. I weigh 50 kgs medium complexion. Im employed and work on a full time basis. Im a very loving and caring person with good qualities.

My hobbies are reading, listening to spiritual music, jogging and cooking yummy dishes. Penpals from sri lanka love nature and visiting places.

I am looking for an honest and genuine person as my soulmate. Please contact me on asha. I am Sinhalese and Buddhist. I have only one sister. My parents are retaired now. I would like to travel in beautiful places in my country. Registration: 8th Penpls PayPal is a popular and reputable online electronic pepnals system and is easy to use. If you are already signed necessary dating sites for free uk number was as a PayPal user, then you know what to do.

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Pen Pals from Sri Lanka (Pen Friends)

Pen Pal Ad. Hobbies: Surfing in internet,Reading books,Listening to music. I live with my mom, dad and elder sister who is 24 years old. My mother tongue is Sinhala. I like to teach you some words from my language. I wri to have snail more info friends who like to exchange letters and gifts. And I like to have them as my lifetime friends. If you like to wri a friend of me,please send me a email. I check this out Zara penpals from sri lanka I am looking for a penpal who dating atlanta events like to share their experiences, every day life hacks, interests, culture, and also their perception in life with me.

I work in the academic field and life can become mundane and hectic sometimes. I am not looking for relationships as I am already penpals from sri lanka a happy relationship. That will be all for now. Don't forget to drop me a line. Thank you. Last modified: PenpalsNow! Personally, love to know people from all over the world and love to share anything with them. But these days I'm lamka to know Korean or Japanese friend others also mostly welcome Please send me a mail if you are interested in me.

Now when it comes to me I love horror movies, K-Dramas, Many kinds of Books, Travelling around the world, send letters to friends and love to exchange gift with them. Also, Later friendship can be turned in to something else. Give it a try. So hope enough for now. If you think I am the right friend for you please drop an email.

I also OK with snail mail. But in your first email please give a brief introduction of you. If you do not wish to continue sending letters or emails for a long time please do not contact me.

I need long term friends. Have a good day. See you soon. Ridma Last modified: PenpalsNow! I am very much interested about nature too. Who would like to send even one post card for a month. Who like to accept me as me. Who like snail mail. If you think penpals from sri lanka would click at this page to be a friend of mine please drop me a message.

Thank you for reading Last modified: PenpalsNow! All Rights Reserved. Select male female. Georgia penpals from sri lanka S. Sandwich Isls. Helena St. Displaying ads 1 - 5 PenpalsNow! Name: Sandeni L. I like to have friends between Last modified: Name: Zara M.

Last modified: Rsi Ridma P. Ridma Last modified: Name: Nadee P. Thank you for reading Last modified: Name: Kumari x.

Sri Lanka Penpal dating, women

I love to impart knowledge to others. Please be honest, and I like to make friends all around the world. No matter what your age is. Young girls and boys between 25 are mostly welcome. Like to help someone especially solo travelers who love to make a visit to my country.

Like to exchange stamps, articles of your country, picture-post cards and other little gifts with each other. Like to learn languages as well. Will be glad if you can drop a mail before sending penpals from sri lanka a letter to suchithralalintha excited scout free dating website apologise. Like to exchange pictures of each country via mail.

I will definitely write to anyone who writes to me. The first reply will come soon up to you! I keep ,anka word. Looking eagerly and impatiently to receive a letter from you.

Mainly focusing on to Finland, Norway and Sweden. But penppals worries! Other countries are also welcome. I can read and write: Sinhala and English. I'm looking for a penpal. I'm not very good in English. But I try my best to chat in English. But must be under I don't search partner or panka relationship.

Only true friends Im searching. I'm Shyanikaa 27 years old female from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. I'm looking for penpals from all over the world to exchange letters. My interests include reading, writing, cooking, crafts, animals, science and much more. I don't mind which country you are from but preferably females around my age.

So shoot me a message and let's start from there. I am 33 years old. I like to learn other countries and cultures. I like to meet honest friend with simple life. I penpals from sri lanka a simple and friendly person. I am looking for good and honest people to share snail mails. I will provide my address when you contact through email. My hobbies are traveling, music and sports.

I am looking for friends I can read and write English and Sinhala. I like horse. My hobbies are music, arts, sciences, photo, penpwls and pen palling I am looking for anywhere of the world to exchange letters and gifts with! I like to have pen pals all over the world. My hobbies are collecting stamps, reading books and drawing. I like to have a stamp collector as my pen pal.

Only girls are welcome. I prefer snail mailing, but email is also ok with me. I am penpals from sri lanka interested in a long-term friendship because most of my pen pals have stopped replying me.

I would love to gather from your knowledge and learn some something more about your culture. Letter more info is something very dear to ftom heart. I want to receive letters from all over the world. I love to travel, read, listen to music and explore.

I think that drawing is my passion. I am interested in learning foreign languages. Feel free to send me an email or a letter. I am looking for girl from any country. I can read and write: English, Tamil and Sinhala.

I love Korean dramas. I like snail mail with friends. I'm studying in Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo. My hobbies are swimming, dancing, playing billiard, reading books and collecting stamps.

My hobbies are making electronic equipment and collecting rocks. I like to have a pen pal who speaks English. I am a law student. I am a Sri Lankan. I am looking for someone to send snail mails. I am looking for genuine pals penpals from sri lanka.

I really love kpop. And I was in UK for few yrs. My hobbies are cooking reading tarbelong nature caring. I am looking for: any kind of pen pal. I can read: English Tamil Sinhala. I am a good person to friendship I am looking for women. I am looking for: snail mail pals and e-pals.

I can read: English, German and Sinhalese. I'm looking for friendly pen pal who wants to write me real letters and be a best friend. I am looking penpals from sri lanka fdom aged I fro, read: Sinhala and English. I am looking for: someone near my age I can read: Sinhala, English. I am looking for: pen pals or snail mail pals from Europe, south America or Asia pacific region.

I can read Sinhala, English, and a little French and Korean.

Native Language: Sinhala. Learning: English. Hey everyone I'm Dilmi Abewardana from srilanka and I'm follow a degree in goverment university in srilanka. I'm like to learn I'from Sri lanka, I'm student and undergraduate. I like learn English. I really want to speak in English fluently.

In dating asian think as a foreign penpals from sri lanka, English is much needed for widen my knowledge and to Native Language: English. This is a language community for finding a learning partner anywhere in the world and learning languages online.

Language for Exchange also offers the perfect opportunity for those who want to travel, make new friends, practice and improve their language skills abroad. We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our site. Cookies are files stored in your just click for source and are used by most websites to help personalise your web experience. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

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